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Glossary of Investment Terms

This section is under construction. When developed further, it will contain a glossary of terms used on this site that are not common in everyday discussion, and which may be new to some readers.

In the meantime, if any of the words or phrases in this site are not familiar to you, please send an email to info at balanceventures dot com, or visit the Contact Us page and let us know what remains unclear. We'll get back with you right away with clarification.

The NASD (National Association of Securities Dealers) provides its own comprehensive Glossary of Investment and Securities Terms on its website at

Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia that serves as a glossary for terms with which you may be unfamiliar. Each page on Wikipedia is created and edited by users of the site. An example of a page in this encyclopedia is titled "Private equity" ( and gives a definition of the term along with related content sections such as "Private equity firms", "History", "External links", "Industry Organizations & Other Resources", "Articles", and "Videos". A related page titled "Venture Capital" is at