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Why Hire a Professional?

What Are Some Other Benefits of Hiring a Professional?

Even if you are well connected in your community, it is likely that investment opportunities exist of which you are unaware. A professional who works for you actively to seek investment deals that you weren't aware of gives you access to greater deal flow than you otherwise would have on your own. And the decision to invest your excess capital can be made after reviewing and benchmarking the merits and weaknesses of any one particular deal against all the other deals a professional sees on a regular basis.

Cultivating the best investments happens not only in the analysis stages before you write the check, but also in the real world, "what do we do about this unforeseen event?" management of these investments on an ongoing basis. Direct private equity investments need the initial scrutiny and ongoing accountability of an experienced investment manager who can help direct the company and its managers with the needs of the equity investor (you) in mind.

Balance Ventures Has the Expertise and the Network of Relationships You Need

Balance Ventures has real-world experience with complex financial and operational issues, turnaround situations, and succession planning, so we can provide sophisticated turn-key investment management services to our investor clients. Although accredited investors may already have the business acumen themselves to asses direct equity investments, they still recognize the value of hiring a fiduciary like Balance Ventures that puts the interests of its investor clients first.