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Value Investments

Balance Ventures serves its high-net-worth individual investor clients as their exclusive, "buy-side" manager of the investments it executes on their behalf. Think of Balance Ventures as a
"value venture capital firm" providing individualized attention and service to individual investors.

Balance Ventures executes and manages investments in small to medium-sized businesses. These are direct equity investments in closely-held, private companies - not investments in mutual funds, publicly-traded stocks or other marketable securities.

We constantly speak with bankers, attorneys, accountants, financial advisors and other professionals who know business owners who want either to sell their companies or to raise capital to grow their companies.

Balance Ventures executes and manages investments in small to medium-sized businesses from start to finish: from deal sourcing (by networking with professionals, as described above), to deal structure and negotiation, to legal document execution, to ongoing monitoring of existing investments to the ultimate harvest of the investments.

The profile of a Balance Ventures investor client is a high-net-worth individual with excess capital and a risk tolerance for investing in closely-held businesses. He or she typically has retirement and estate planning well in hand and has a desire to diversify and increase his or her financial legacy with direct equity investments in small companies and possibly contribute personal expertise to grow the companies in which we have invested.