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Get To Know Us Before Committing Capital To Our Management

Balance Ventures serves a few accredited investors who are able to gain a trust in us and who recognize the value of having a devoted fiduciary like us on their side. We do not seek hastily for relationships with any and all investors. We seek to build long-term working relationships with a select few investors/families. Obviously, it is advantageous if prospective investor clients are able to triangulate our character through relationships they already have in their communities. And it is extremely helpful if they are able to work with Balance Ventures in some way before committing considerable capital to our management.

To this end, if you have already invested directly in an operating company, an excellent way for you to gain a comfort level and trust in our work is to engage Balance Ventures to help improve the value of that existing investment. Perhaps that company needs to recapitalize its debt and equity structure, or install new management personnel with specific skills to help grow the business. Or it may need a general overhaul of all areas of the business. We have the management and turnaround experience to help you. We welcome whatever opportunity you may give us to gain your trust and demonstrate the value we can add in such a scenario before you commit substantial capital to our management for new direct private equity investments.