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Minimize Your Risk

Minimize Your Risk and Time Spent Managing Direct Private Equity Investments

Keep in mind that direct private equity investments are complicated, and they can lose all of the capital you've invested, particularly if they are not managed properly! This is why they demand full-time effort and attention at every stage. They need to be managed by someone who is devoted to them, just like you would be yourself, with your own money, in your own business.

This allows you to continue to focus on the business or profession that made you financially successful in the first place, or it allows you to enjoy the fruits of your retirement. In short, adding value to your portfolio through direct equity investing is best done with professional help. If you have a fiduciary with business management experience and deal flow expertise who can do all the dirty work, then you are more likely to enjoy continued success with your direct private equity investments.

This dirty work includes roll-up-your-sleeves analysis and creativity in evaluating and structuring investments. And the more deals your professional advisor sees, the better he can discern good investments from bad ones and steer you clear of potential problems. This dirty work also includes ongoing, committed oversight of portfolio companies on your behalf, working with company owners/managers to solve complex operational, personnel, and financial issues they face in their businesses (your investments). This is what we do for you as our investor client.