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Investor Profile

An investor likely to hire Balance Ventures is a bullish and successful business person. You may be such an investor - you've built a business and reaped the reward for your efforts; or your family's financial legacy is strong and you are charged with its management.

Balance Ventures is a similarly bullish, creative advocate who represents you exclusively in managing your financial assets. Our services are ideally suited for accredited investors who have the risk tolerance and excess capital available to invest in direct private equity investments.

Signs That You Might Want or Need Our Services

  • You are an accredited investor.

  • You want to invest a portion of your personal or family wealth ("excess capital") directly in operating companies rather than solely in marketable securities.

  • You don't need this excess capital for funding your current business pursuits or your family's lifestyle.

  • You recognize value in hiring a professional manager for your alternative investments (i.e., the non-marketable security investments in your portfolio) and to oversee direct private equity investments for you.

  • Perhaps you want to free up time you've currently devoted to managing existing direct equity investments so that you can pursue other business or personal interests.

  • You believe that investing in direct private equity investments is fun.

  • You believe that working with managers of companies in which you've invested is fun, but you would rather someone else be the primary contact for those managers when they have a question or need ongoing support.