Value Investments & Value Creation
In Small to Medium-Sized Businesses

Balance Ventures serves high-net-worth individual investors as their exclusive, "buy-side" manager of direct private equity investments it executes on their behalf. Think of Balance Ventures as a "value venture capital firm" providing individualized attention and service to individual investors.

Balance Ventures is also an executive-level management consulting firm for small to medium-sized businesses that need to improve their operations, personnel and bottom line. Think of Balance Ventures as a "value creation consultant" for small to medium-sized businesses.


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If you are or someone you know is

  • A high-net-worth individual with a desire to invest directly in small to medium-sized businesses;
  • An owner-manager of a small to medium-sized business who seeks to grow and improve your business; or
  • A friend or colleague of high-net-worth individuals and business owner-managers...

    call or email to find out how Balance Ventures can create value for investors and owner-managers through direct investments and management consulting services.
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