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Value Creation Consulting

Balance Ventures, LLC is also an executive-level management consulting firm for small to medium-sized businesses that need to improve their operations, personnel and bottom line. Think of Balance Ventures as a
"value creation consultant" for small to medium-sized businesses.

The profile of a Balance Ventures consulting client is a company with a shortage of management expertise, or with a strategic, growth-oriented project it needs to execute. Often a company's owner-manager has a technical skill set, for example, and needs someone with a complementary skill set to address key executive roles in the business, including financial, marketing and general management.

Balance Ventures can help a small to medium-sized business to:

  • Set business strategy and refocus management of resources and opportunities;
  • Change its organizational culture and operating philosophy;
  • Identify needs and hire replacement personnel at all levels;
  • Design and implement incentive compensation and employee retention plans;
  • Design and implement a marketing and sales program;
  • Streamline operational procedures and train staff on more efficient and effective work habits;
  • Setup or restructure accounting and financial reporting functions;
  • Value the business for a buyer or seller;
  • Evaluate potential merger or acquisition opportunities, provide creative deal structures, deal terms and execution strategies for those transactions, or
  • Raise debt or equity capital to fund the growth of the business.