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Raising Capital or Selling Your Business

Do You Want to Sell Your Business or Raise Capital to Grow Your Business?

Have you found the search for capital to be like the proverbial needle-in-a-haystack? You may have called on a dozen venture capital firms only to find that they are looking for early stage, gene-splicing startups for potential investments. And your established old economy company may not have piqued their interest. Perhaps they told you that your sales are too low, your business model is not scalable enough, your technology is not innovative enough, or your business model doesn't show a clear path to an exit strategy (an IPO or acquisition, for example). Yet you own and manage a profitable, cash-flowing business.

Do You Have an Opportunity to Grow Your Small or Medium Size Business?

Perhaps you have wondered where you will find the financial, operational, or marketing help you need to grow your business. Large management consulting firms do not serve the small to medium-sized business sector, or they are primarily focused on implementation of expensive software and information systems. Or they've never run a business before, never made payroll before, never hired or fired anyone before. In short, they've never walked in your shoes.

You Can Find the Capital and the Professional Expertise to Help You Grow Your Business.

If you have an established, profitable company with sales between $2 million and $30 million, and you have an opportunity to grow your business, then it is possible to find a financial partner who won't take over control of your business, but who will provide you with key decision support, strategic alliances, and management team additions. It is also possible to find someone who knows the issues you face on a daily basis - someone who has been in the trenches of managing a small or medium size business in good times and in bad.