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Balance Ventures provides executive-level business consulting services to improve your company's operations, its people, and its financial performance. We can also provide private equity investment capital to expand your business or purchase your business outright if you wish to sell.

Owner-Managers Who Need Help Improving Their Businesses

Do you need help to address a nagging problem in your business? Balance Ventures provides solutions to your financial, operational, and management issues.

We help you improve your business. Companies best served by Balance Ventures' executive-level management consulting services need help assimilating new operations and personnel as a result of a merger or acquisition. Or they need organizational and cultural change to grow the business. Or they need a departmental reorganization and role negotiation/redefinition among managers and staff.

Perhaps you just can't find the time or want help to address systemic financial and operational issues, or you need help to set strategy, expand into new markets and aggregate the optimal mix of people, assets and funding to grow your businesses.

Owner-Managers Who Want to Raise Capital for (or Sell) Their Businesses

Are you wondering how you can leverage the sweat equity you've invested in your business? Are you concerned that you won't be able to expand your business with the limited resources (and time) you have? Are you looking ahead to a time in the near future when you may want to sell your business? If you want to raise equity capital to grow your business or sell your company, Balance Ventures can help you.

We help fund the growth of your business. Balance Ventures works with owner-managers of established small to medium-sized businesses to provide private equity capital to help them grow (with no brokerage fees paid for funds raised). We provide support to funded companies and their managers with ongoing strategic planning, decision making and a strong network of business intelligence to enhance the company's growth prospects. You can find more information about the direct private equity investment process and our investment overview in the How We Work section.