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Profile for Direct Equity Investment


Owner-managers of small to medium-sized, privately-held businesses with established operating histories, positive cash flows, and financially attractive growth opportunities.

Signs That Your Company Is A Candidate for Direct Private Equity Investment

  • You are an owner-manager with a significant portion of your personal wealth invested in your business.
  • You want to sell your closely-held business and either retire or move on to a new challenge.
  • You have an opportunity to grow your company, either through acquisition, capital expenditure, or establishing new distribution avenues for your product(s).
  • You want to finance this growth by bringing in an equity partner to share some of the risk - you don't want to incur further debt and personal guaranty.
  • You want a business partner to help you plan for your succession and to help you strengthen your management team.
  • You believe that working with an equity investor and business partner is fun.
  • You are 'teachable' and open to new ideas and perspectives on how to improve your business.

Value Proposition for Business Owners

Balance Ventures helps business owners by buying their closely-held businesses or by providing equity capital funding to grow their established companies. We have a patient, value-driven investment approach that does not require an exit strategy in five to seven years, but rather, relies on distributions (e.g., dividends) to equity stakeholders to harvest our investments and provide returns to our investors. Balance Ventures contributes strong financial and management skills for companies whose managers' strengths are more technical or operational. And we provide a broad network of relationships with other distribution sources, professionals, and entrepreneurs to help managers of our portfolio companies to grow and improve their businesses.